New digital technologies are creating massive quantities of data at an explosive rate, which is having a profound impact on the capacity of Canadian researchers to generate and contribute research that will be critical to Canada’s future. To embrace this new world of possibility, Canada must build and sustain a strong and vibrant Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) ecosystem. 

In support of the Canadian post-secondary research landscape, and to ensure it remains competitive and truly world-class, Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada (ISED) has earmarked $572.5M over five years toward a national DRI strategy.  The Government of Canada’s goal is to provide all Canadian scientists and scholars with the digital tools they need to conduct the world-leading research that supports innovation in Canada.

As part of the national DRI strategy, ISED has set aside up to $375M of its five-year funding to establish a new national not-for-profit organization. The New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO) will coordinate and fund activities in advanced research computing (ARC), data management (DM) and research software (RS) components of the DRI strategy, working collaboratively with all stakeholders across the country.